Types of CASE PACKER Machines

09 Jun.2023

     With the gradual accentuation of the problem of labor difficulties, the demand for automated packaging equipment is also increasing, carton automatic case packing equipment is one of them, but according to the characteristics of different items, case packer is equipped with different, the following YUPACK will share with you the case packer types.

1, translating case packer. this kind of case packer applicable field is relatively wide, all can grasp, absorb the goods can use the translating case packer, and the efficiency is relatively high, is the highest use rate of the market a boxing equipment.

2, drop case packer. this model is mainly applicable to its own less fragile or not easy to scatter items, such as barrels of oil, flour bags, all kinds of boxes, etc.. The advantage of this type of case packer is a simple mechanical structure low failure rate, the cost is also relatively low, is a cost-effective case packer equipment.

3, side-pushing case packer. this kind of case packer applicable products are relatively limited, generally some more regular boxes or bags, and some special direction requirements of the packaging, etc., compared to the previous two case packer, side-pushing case packer is relatively less use of a device.

4, robot case packer. this is undoubtedly the most high-end, the fastest, the price is also the highest a robot equipment, but if you choose the robot case packer there is another advantage, is that you can let the robot and palletizing share a robot, to save costs.

      To sum up, the case packer on the market is basically these four types, you need to remind you that many users confuse the case packer with the gripper, in fact, the translating case packer and robot case packer are available with different gripper. So we should not be confused.