How to buy vacuum packaging machine

09 Jun.2023

     Selection of any equipment should be carefully compared, vacuum packaging machine products are no exception, but the numerous types of vacuum packaging machine, how to select the user to choose the right equipment for themselves? Today YUPACK on the basis of past work experience, and you share how to buy vacuum packaging machine.

1, according to the nature of the packaging selection. This point is mainly to determine the type of packaging machine from the general category, such as food products must be used inside the vacuum packaging machine, while electronic products can choose the external vacuum packaging machine.

2, according to the bag size and efficiency selection. When determining the major categories, you need to determine the specific model according to the size and efficiency of the product, while determining the pump configuration and other specific information.

3, according to the degree of labor savings to choose. When the specific model is determined, many users will find that there are 2 or 3 models they can apply, then how to deal with it? Axiomtek's advice to you is that you can choose according to the degree of labor savings, after all, the cost of labor relative to the equipment, or very high.

     Comprehensive above 3 points you can basically choose to fit their own equipment, of course, here should not ignore a problem, that is, the user's own actual situation and budget problems. First, you can first on the small equipment, later the volume is large, you can then on the large equipment.