Three steps to reduce faults of strapping machine

09 Jun.2023

It is inevitable that the equipment will fail in the process of use. How to avoid the failure, early warning is particularly important, and strapping machine is no exception. What can be done to reduce the strapping machine failure rate? Here is Yupack's three steps that you can follow to get amazing results.

1. Clean the dust every day. After the use of the machine every day, the dust should be cleaned in time, so that some parts of the strapping machine will maintain a good working condition for a long time, reduce the failure rate, and extend the service life of the machine.

2. Remove the strap belt from the tape. According to the use requirements of strapping machine, after using strapping machine every day, the belt of the storage box should be returned to the belt tray, because the strap belt will be bent and deformed if it is stored in the storage box for too long. This is not conducive to the feeding of packing belts, except, of course, semi-automatic balers.

3, for the main parts of the refueling treatment. Lubrication is indispensable for the operation of machinery, and strapping machine is no exception. Between the tool set and the tool set of the strapping machine, between the bearings, the motor, etc., all need to be effectively lubricated to prevent unnecessary failures.

Those who have an understanding of the equipment will find that the steps described above by Yupack are very common strapping machine maintenance work, and they are. But these common maintenance work is often ignored, over time, dust accumulation, lack of lubrication, and then lead to equipment failure or damage. Then why don't we start from now, start from small things, and eliminate the strapping machine failure in the cradle?