What is the cooling time of a strapping machine?

09 Jun.2023

Users familiar with strapping machine know that strapping machine has several working steps, tape feeding, untape, tightening, bonding, cooling. These steps work together to complete the strapping of the strapping machine. Several other steps from the literal meaning can be well understood, but only cooling this step that many users do not understand, so Yupack likes to share with you below.

In fact, the so-called cooling time is the time for the knife to rise to the top of the strapping machine, and the role of this time is to cool the packaging belt that has been scalded, so that it is fully cooled and fully bonded. Among many types of balers from Aisun, the cooling time of the semi-automatic strapping machine needs to be adjusted on the circuit board, while the automatic strapping machine can be adjusted on the control panel. The unmanned strapping machine is relatively complicated. This can only be adjusted by the PLC program.

In fact, the cooling time of the word in addition to strapping machine, vacuum packaging machine is also often used, in fact, the principle is the same, in order to make the tape or bag better glue, do not immediately break open, but the way of cooling is not the same.