Notice for how to use the banding machine safely

09 Jun.2023

As a kind of small strapping machine, Banding machine is often ignored in the use process, always feel that the volume is relatively small, and the use of paper tape and film tape is generally not dangerous, but it is not. The use of any equipment should comply with the safety operation specifications, and its security risks can not be ignored because of its small size. The following Yupack will share  the safe use of Banding machine.

1. The upper cover plate must not be opened during operation. There is a possibility of injury if it comes into contact with the driving part.

2, please do not touch the exposed moving parts with your hands during operation, it may be caught and injured.

3, please do not remove the safety cover, operation panel, etc.

3, please do not touch the part of the machine is rotating, there is the possibility of being involved in the injury.

4, when the machine circuit is normal, please do not touch the heater and surrounding. Hot heaters can cause burns.

The safety operation specifications described above are also applicable to other types of strapping machine. For the safety operation specifications of other devices, Yupack will give a detailed introduction in the following articles. Welcome your continued attention!