How to use the side sealing strapping machine

11 Jun.2023

Side sealing strapping machine is a very widely used automatic strapping equipment, the biggest feature of this equipment compared with other strapping machines is that the movement is located on the side of the item, the bonding point of the strapping is also on the side, which is its advantage and its disadvantage, today Axiomtek will share with you the notes on the use of the side strapping machine, I hope it will help you future use of help.

1.the packaging needs to be tight against the movement. As we all know, the packaged goods to be close to the location of the movement will be tighter bundle, and side bundle baler movement in the side, the natural situation, the goods and baler movement is a certain distance, there is a distance will not bundle tight, so the requirements of the goods incoming must be close to the movement, not in the center of the conveyor line.

2.side bundle baler frame do not make too big. Other models of balers bonding point are at the bottom, the strapping even without tensioning force, by gravity is also a natural fall, while the side bundle baler movement in the side, if there is no tensioning force of the baler, the strapping will sag, can not be well bundled items, which requires the frame of the baler do not do too big, should be consistent with the size of the item can be too big tightening time will need to be longer, not conducive to equipment bundling.

3.use less PET tape. Although the side bundle baler can do both PP tape movement, can also do PET tape movement, but for the side bundle baler, Axiomtek more recommended to use PP tape, PET tape itself is harder, the need for tightening force is also stronger, but for the side bundle baler, its movement using PET tape, the effect will not be particularly good (except for the pallet through the sword baler, the movement principle is different).

The side bundle baler mentioned above by Axiomtek is for cartons, the common model is MH-103A or MH-103B, which is not applicable to pallet type strapping machines such as pallet threading baler, if you have other questions about the baler, welcome to call Qingdao Axiomtek marketing center!