How to install carton sealing machine tape correctly

09 Jun.2023

Tape is the most important consumables for sealing machine and erector, installing tape roll is an essential work item in the process of use, but many users have used it for a long time, and the installed tape is still not ideal, Yupack will share with you how to correctly install the sealing machine tape.

1, roll installation should be firm. The fixing of the tape roll of the sealing machine is completed by three circlip springs, the clamping force of these three circlip springs is very large. During installation, the user must fix the tape roll very firmly on the machine, otherwise the tape may fall off during the operation of the machine.

2, tape surface installation should be smooth. After the tape is pulled out of the machine, there may be a certain fold, which must be smoothed before the sealing machine, otherwise it will affect the sealing effect.

3. Try to avoid dust on the adhesive surface of the tape. When installing the tape roll for the first time, the installation personnel may accidentally touch the sticky surface of the tape, which will reduce the viscosity of the tape and affect the sealing quality. Therefore, avoid dust when installing the tape roll.

4. Adjust the tape position according to the sealing effect. After completing the above 3 steps, we can test with one or two cartons to observe the adhesive effect of the tape and fine-tune the position of the tape according to the actual effect.

After completing the above steps, the installation of the tape is basically completed, and it is very perfect. If you have any other questions about the use of the sealing machine, please call Qingdao Yupack, we will be happy to serve you.