How does the inkjet printer work with the carton sealing machine?

09 Jun.2023

With the continuous increase of labor costs, the demand for mechanical automation within the enterprise is becoming more and more intense, and the cooperation between various types of mechanical equipment is particularly important, the cooperation between the inkjet printer and the sealing machine is one of them, the inkjet coding operation while the sealing box is used by many food and drug companies, so how does the inkjet printer cooperate with the sealing machine?

1, choose a matching printer. Inkjet is the most advanced inkjet equipment on the market at present, the machine uses ink for inkjet coding, quick drying, material saving, clean, can be wired to use, loved by the majority of users, and some more complex such as two-dimensional code, special characters, inkjet machine can be edited by the computer, very humanized.

2, printing machine. Relative to the inkjet printer, the printing machine is a more traditional coding method, its working principle is to install seeds on the ink wheel, when the carton through the collision ink wheel, ink wheel each rotation, you can print on the carton once, at present, this way only in some relatively small production scale of the factory is still used, the market has been rare.

3. Label. Some users need to code too much content on the carton, labeling is a very good choice, a small label, all the content is written inside, through the labeling machine will be neatly affixed to the fixed position of the carton, both beautiful and convenient.

In addition to the sealing machine can be matched with the inkjet machine, but also with labeling machine, weighing and eliminating machine, gold inspection machine and other automatic packaging equipment, if you have this kind of equipment problems, welcome to call Qingdao Yupack, we will be happy to serve you!