Different types of winding machine packaging methods

21 Aug.2023

The emergence of wrapping machine has brought great convenience to the packaging industry, in addition to bringing convenience, in the face of no longer type of products, we need to use no longer packaging machine for packaging, reasonable use of packaging machine, make the best use of it, in order to maximize its production efficiency

1. Wrapping machine with point-type heat closing device or seam type heat closing device.Thisis kind of packaging machine is suitable for packing large volume goods. To operate, heat close one end of the pre-stretched film first. Then. The cargo is fed into the middle of the film by a drive or forklift, and the winding film is stretched by a machine. When the goods are pushed to the specified position, the hot sealing knife edge is closed, and the other end of the film is stretched at the two corners of the hot sealing, cooling, cutting, and operation, the stretching degree of the film can be adjusted separately according to the packaging requirements of different goods. There is also a large cargo winding packing method. It uses a wide (width of about 1500mm) winding film. After stretching, the whole piece is wrapped on the goods, and the packaging of the goods is completed at the workbench.

2, semi-automatic winding packaging machine packaging This type of packaging machine is suitable for pallet cargo packaging: During operation, the goods are directly fed into the turntable of the packaging machine, the winding film is placed on the side of the machine, and can rise or fall during the rotation of the turntable, the goods from the bottom to the top, and then return from the top to the bottom to complete an operation cycle. The film is tightly wrapped around the cargo in a stretched state. Cut the film and tighten it by hand.

3, rotary packaging machine packaging.

Different from the above packaging machine, it is rotated by the packaged goods (such as cylindrical items such as paper tubes), and the winding film is spirally wound on the packaged goods.

4, compression packaging.

This is a packaging machine with a pressure position. It takes advantage of the compressibility of a certain type of goods (such as cotton, wool, knitwear, etc.), first puts pressure on the goods to reduce their volume, and then pushes out the goods, and at the same time stretches the film to wrap the goods, and heat closes and cuts off the film by hand. Z in. Goods move in and out of the machine under compression. At this time, because the goods tend to expand, and always tighten the film.