Purchase wrapping machine types and techniques

22 Aug.2023

Purchase wrapping machine types and techniques

First. Simple type: manual control of the winding process. Low packing speed. The speed of the roller slide frame, the speed of the turntable/rotating arm and the winding size cannot be adjusted. The amount of overlap, flanging, number of winding layers and the height of the cargo wrap of the film are controlled by manual operation. Cannot be connected to the production line.

The second. Semi-automatic type: manual and machine control of the coating process. Packaging speed is low. The speed of roller slide frame, rotating disc/arm speed, winding size can be adjusted at any time. The amount of overlap, flanging and number of winding layers of the film can be preset to automatically wrap the goods, and the height of the film can be adjusted according to the height of the goods.

The third. Automatic type: (i.e. production line) the machine automatically controls the coating process. High wrapping speed. Automatic models can be directly connected with the conveyor belt on the production line, the operation control system can be connected to the main control machine of the production line, unified control of the input and output of goods and the operation of the conveyor belt, and automatically determine the location of the packaging center; All adjustment parameters are pre-set, winding machine, clamping film and cutting film devices are automatic electrical control; It is equipped with removable safety guardrail and automatic safety lock to ensure the personal safety of the operator.

To choose a right wrapping machine, first of all, determine the weight of the goods you want to package, shape specifications, and then let a number of suppliers give you the selection, according to the model provided by the supplier to compare, determine the model, and then consult the supplier of the winding machine used by the accessories (such as AC and DC motors, frequency inverters, PLC, etc.) brand and sales performance (preferably in their own industry). This will generally determine a few of the more reliable. Finally, look at the price.