Advantages of the horizontal high-speed carton erector

23 Oct.2023

Horizontal high speed case opener is the fast speed and high molding rate equipment in carton erector. The machine is roughly divided into common type and servo type according to different motor drive mode, but no matter which carton erector, relative to vertical carton erector, it is very advantageous, the following YUPACK will share with you the advantages of horizontal high-speed case opener:

1, lightweight, pulley-assisted, flexible displacement, more convenient for installation and commissioning.

2、Using vertical storage cardboard way, and can be supplemented at any time carton board, no downtime, more time, more packaging;

3、This carton erector structure design: one time to complete the carton suction, opening, molding, folding bottom, sealing the bottom and other packaging

Packing process.

 4、The carton erector has stable performance, reliable quality, strong applicability, high packing efficiency and long service life;

 5、Reasonable optimization of powerful functions

①Applicable to automatic opening and sealing of cartons of various sizes.

If you need to change the carton specifications, manual adjustment can be, the time required 1-2 minutes;

② open box machine can work alone, can also be used in conjunction with automated packaging lines