What are the sealing methods of the carton erector

15 Sep.2023

In our carton packaging line, from the unpacking machine to the folding lid sealing machine, the sealing method without special instructions is the default tape sealing. In fact, in addition to the tape, in fact, there are hot melt glue sealing box and sealing nail sealing box. Either way, it can be used with our unpacking machine and sealing machine.

Usually in order to pack items, are in the unpacking machine with all kinds of need of sealing methods, this kind of carton forming machine is equal to non-standard customization, can be done according to the customer carton size, can cover a certain range of sizes. Including hot melt glue spray machine, we also use the original import of the United States Nordson brand can implement global protection. Then the nailing machine is also imported from Japan movement, nailing smooth effect beautiful, welcome customers to inquire.