sucker or gribber which is better for carton palletizers

22 Mar.2024

We have introduced in our previous article about how to choose palletizers for carton palletizing, 

there are palletizing robots, single column palletizers, low level palletizers and high level palletizers and collaborative robots. In addition to high and low level palletizers, all other palletizers need to have a 

collaborative gripper to grab the cartons, which is like our human hand to help the robot arm to complete 

the palletizing operation.

Carton products is one of our most common packaging methods, it is in the palletizing in the end should

 use the suction cup type good it or plywood type is more appropriate. Today we come together to explore 

this issue. First of all, let's take a look at the suction cup type, the advantage of using this way is: gripper light 

on the robot palletizer load is small, the same suction cup load can not be too big, and suction in the carton

 on the cover, the material requirements of the carton is also very high, otherwise the carton is easy to break 

and deformation of the carton so this way is more suitable for lightweight carton palletizing. Plywood type also 

has many customers called clamp hold type, there is one end of the plywood fixed, against the other side of the

plywood for the activities can be customized according to the size of the carton, and at the bottom with auxiliary

insertion of the grab for dragging the bottom of the carton, grab the carton is more stable. Can also be designed

according to the efficiency of the needs of a clamp hold 2 boxes or more, so the plywood type is more suitable

for a certain weight of the carton, of course, the relative load of the robot will become larger.To sum up, carton palletizer whether suction cup type or plywood type have a choice of ways, 

according to the weight and size of the carton and the efficiency can be judged, if you are still not very clear 

about the place you can also contact Qingdao YUPACK sales staff or call 0532-81731817 for advice. 

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