How to choose the loading capacity of palletizing robot

26 Jan.2024

With the development trend of intelligence in modern industry, faster and more convenient robots can be used to replace manual operations. The most common one we have is the palletizing robot.

The two most important indicators of a palletizing robot are load and arm span. Today we will take a look at how to choose these two indicators. First of all, the load consists of two parts: the weight of the product and the weight of the gripper. Usually the weight of the gripper is the weight of one product. If two or more items need to be grabbed at the same time based on efficiency, the gripper must calculate the total weight of the products. The second is arm span. This indicator needs to consider the height of cargo palletizing and the distance between the palletizing positions.

Because the mechanical arm of the palletizing robot moves in a spherical curve, you can consult the Yupack sales staff when choosing, and do not choose blindly.