Advantages and disadvantages of robot pallet wrapping machine

31 Aug.2023

1, can pack large items. The so-called large items refer to those that cannot use a rotary wrapping machine and a rocker arm wrapping machine, and even custom models can not meet, in this case you can consider using a robot pallet wrapping machine, because the robot pallet wrapping machine has no limit on the maximum size of the item, as long as there is a boundary, the robot pallet wrapping machine can automatically follow the outer edge of the item for packaging.

2, can be packed not to handle heavy goods. Although the rocker wrapping machine does not need to carry goods, it requires that the goods must be placed in the designated position of the mechanical arm of the rocker arm machine, in fact, it is also handled to a certain extent, but the robot type is completely unnecessary, and only needs to be wrapped directly at the station completed by palletising.

3, can not pack less than 600*600mm goods. After saying the advantages, we need to talk about the disadvantages, although the robot pallet wrapping machine has no requirements for the maximum size, but the minimum size is strict requirements, the length of the goods can not be less than 600*600mm, otherwise the wrapping machine can not be turned.

4, the outer edge of the goods to reserve 1.2 meters of space. The walking of the robot pallet wrapping machine requires a certain space, and the calculation of this space is 1.2 meters along the outer edge of the goods, which can not be less than this size, and the winding machine can not work normally.

Finally, the robot pallet wrapping machine has its own unique advantages, but there are also some special environmental requirements that are not required by other equipment, so in the choice of robot pallet wrapping machine, users can communicate with suppliers, they will provide you with a more accurate solution for you to choose.