Why does the arm rotary wrapping machine need to check products feeding direction

07 Aug.2023

Arm rotary wrapping machine is one of the types of online wrapping machines. It is the most optional wrapping machine for stretch film packaging of large and heavy goods that are inconvenient to move. It is also an important part of the automatic pallet packaging production line. Compatible with a wide range of sizes, the packaged products can be used for moisture-proof, dust-proof and anti-fouling functions, and are favored by many export customers.

       When we design a set of  arm rotary wrapping machine packaging line, we need to consider the feeding direction. Many customers don't understand why they must know this indicator. First of all, the wrapping machines used in the supporting assembly line are all unmanned, and the film cutting process is completed by a set of film breaking mechanisms. And this set of mechanisms is divided into forward and reverse, which is related to the direction of feeding and output. The cutting and laminating of the rocker arm winding machine are carried out in sequence along the direction of the pallet goods. If the direction is reversed, this set of work cannot be completed.

       Therefore, determining the feeding direction is a very important indicator for the arm rotary wrapping machine