Why does the pallet conveyors have both a roller conveyor and chain conveyor?

03 Nov.2023

Pallet conveyor is a typical subsequent packaging process after carton palletization. It usually includes vertical pallet strapping machine, horizontal strapping machine and an online wrapping machine or a top sheet dispenser machine that are matched with the pallet conveyor. There are many ways to combine according to different packaging needs.

We know that a set of Pallet conveyor is composed of packaging machines for pallet packaging. After being connected into a production line, the size is relatively large, and the layout of each customer's site is also diverse. So under what circumstances do we need to design the roller line and What about the docking of chain lines? Generally, the use of pallet conveyors depends on the bottom structure of the pallet. Our common pallet bottom structures include Sichuan-shaped, Tian-shaped, and Jiudun-shaped. The last one is the Sichuan pallet. The roller line is driven by a chain one by one. There is a certain gap between the rollers, so the Sichuan character must be kept perpendicular to the roller when the pallet is transported. If the pallets need to change their direction of travel and make a 90-degree turn, they cannot be kept vertical. At this time, chain lines can be used for transportation.

This is why we see roller conveyors and chain conveyors on many pallet conveyor lines.