How to choose the gripper for robot palletizier

07 Aug.2023

      In fact, there are basically three types of grippers on the market: suction cup type, clamp type, and bottom bracket type. Of course, there are more detailed divisions of these three types. For example, the suction cup type can be divided into sponge suction cups, vacuum suction cups, etc. Today Yupack mainly helps you to roughly distinguish between the three main gripper methods:

1. Suction cup type can be selected for light items. The suction cup type is generally for light products with a relatively flat surface, such as cartons, etc. The suction cup type is more efficient and has no gaps in the finished product, which is more beautiful.

2. Most of the products can choose the clamp type. The clip-on grip is actually the most widely used among the three types of grippers, but the clip-on grip is slightly more expensive than the suction cup type. Therefore, for some light cartons, users will prefer the suction cup gripper.

3. The bottom support type is selected for the seamless stacking of heavy goods. As mentioned above, the suction cup type can be used for seamless palletizing of light items, but how to solve the problem of seamless palletizing for heavy items? The bottom bracket grip is its best choice. The bottom of this grip is a complete steel plate, which is equivalent to scooping up all the goods. When palletizing is required, a push plate pushes the goods on the grip to the Specify the location, so the piles that are coded are all without gaps.

        The above are the three common gripper selection methods summarized by Yupack for you