What are included for robot palletizer?

07 Aug.2023

We have introduced before that the packaging machine for cartons is erecting, sealing and strapping. Today we will talk about the subsequent packaging process, which is the palletizing of cartons. The palletizing robot uses a 4-axis robot with a maximum load of 130 kg, an arm span of 2800mm, and a palletizing height within 2 meters is no problem. Many customers have a misunderstanding, that is, they think that a robot can achieve palletizing, but this is not the case.

       Usually palletizing robot manufacturers only make the main body, but in practical applications we can compare the main body robot to our arm, then it also needs a strong and durable body to carry, that is, the base, and the height of the base also needs to be based on the stacking height With the body and arms, there must be a pair of flexible grippers. The grippers are also divided into suction cup type, clamp type, and combined type according to the characteristics and weight of the item. The robot has no eyes, no brain thinking, he doesn't know where to take it and put it there, he relies on coordinate positioning to realize the grasping work. Therefore, a set of grabbing lines and pallet positioners for item placement is also required. For such a group of single-machine palletizing robots, the pallets are usually placed on the ground, and the customer needs a forklift or ground cattle to pick up the goods; then the pallets can also be on the automated line, as we mentioned before. The pallet line of the stacker, after the palletizer provides pallets, the palletizer can directly stack on the line body, and the palletized pallets can be directly transported to the next station by the pallet line for subsequent packaging. At the end of our set of palletizing robots, of course, there must be a set of safety fences to enclose all the things I mentioned to ensure production safety. Only then can it be regarded as a complete set of palletizing machines.

       To sum up, a palletizing robot needs to include six items: body, base, gripper, gripping curve, pallet positioner, and safety guardrail. Have you learned it yet?