Advantages of single column palletizer

15 Sep.2023

Single-column palletizer, also known as rotating column palletizer, refers to an automated palletizer that uses a column to drive arms and grippers to palletize items. It has the same working effect as robot palletizing and low-level palletizers. , all realize the palletizing function, then some customers must ask, since the effect is the same, why choose a single column palletizer? Today Yupack will share with you the advantages of single column palletizers:

1. High cost performance. On the basis of realizing the same functions, single-column palletizers are the most cost-effective. The prices of robots and low-level palletizers are relatively high. Therefore, single-column palletizers are the first choice for palletizing work of some small and medium-sized enterprises.

2. Simple structure and easy maintenance. In addition to cost-effectiveness, most customers choose single-column palletizers because of their simple structure and easy maintenance. It can be said that anyone who understands some mechanical principles can repair single-column palletizers, but robot palletizers require professional technology. Only qualified personnel can perform repairs.

3. Long service life. Since single-column palletizers are all mechanical structures, they have a longer service life than robot palletizers with complex structures, and they basically do not require maintenance similar to that of robot palletizers. They only need regular maintenance. Just lubricate the bearings.

        It can be seen that the advantages of the single-column palletizer are obvious. Does anyone have to say, since this machine is so good, can it replace the robot palletizer? The answer is of course no. The specific reasons will be introduced in detail by Yupack in future articles. You are welcome to continue to pay attention!