The difference between friction head and heating head of pallet strapping machine

24 Mar.2024

Heating  and friction movements are two common types of sealing movements that play an important 

role in the operation of pallet strapper. Although they are both responsible for accomplishing the task 

of sealing, there are some obvious differences in the working principle, applicable materials and effects.

The heating movement melts and seals the plastic tape by heating. 

When the pallet strapper is working, the heating movement will be rapidly heated to a certain temperature, 

so that the plastic belt will melt and form a film in the contact area, and then the two ends will be tightly 

pressed together by pressure, so as to complete the sealing. This type of sealing is suitable for plastic 

belts made of various materials, including polypropylene, polyester and so on. Since the hot melt sealing is realized by melting the plastic tape itself, the sealing is firm, not easy to tear, and has a neat and beautiful appearance. The friction movement seals plastic belts by generating heat through friction. When the baler is working, the friction movement rubs against the plastic belt through the high-speed rotating friction wheel, 

so that the surface temperature of the plastic belt rises and melts, and then the two ends are pressed together through pressure to complete the sealing. This sealing method is mainly applicable to thicker pet belts. 

As the friction sealing is realized by friction heat generation, the sealing effect is relatively good,

not easy to tear, and the force is also greater in the actual application, the user should be based on different packaging needs and materials to choose the appropriate sealing mechanism. For packages that require high sealing strength and aesthetics, hot melt movement can be selected; for some of the requirements of high sealing strength, pay more attention to the packing strength, friction movement is a more appropriate choice.

In short, the heating and friction movement have their own characteristics, the user should be considered in the choice of packaging needs, material characteristics and cost and other factors to ensure that the packaging effect and maximize the economic benefits, more about the knowledge of the baler welcome to call YUPACK sales department!