Manifestations of packaging machine malfunctions

08 Jun.2023

Any device may malfunction during use, and packaging machine products are no exception. However, what Aixun wants to say is that equipment malfunction is like a person's illness, not that it immediately malfunctions and cannot be used. Prior to this, there must have been many external manifestations, only the user did not detect it in a timely manner. Today, Aixun will share with you the judgment of packaging machine malfunction from the perspective of packaging effect.

1. Cut with burrs. After using the packaging machine for a period of time, there may be burrs on the cutting surface. At this time, users should pay attention. This may be a sign of severe wear and tear on the cutting blade of the packaging machine. It is necessary to purchase the cutting blade in a timely manner. When the machine is no longer able to cut the belt, it should be replaced in a timely manner.

2. Always collapsing. There are generally two reasons for the occurrence of belt breakage. One is that the bonding time is too short and the packaging belt is not fully integrated, and the other is that the bonding time is too long and the packaging belt is too bonded, which can cause this situation. These two situations are very easy to distinguish. Therefore, users only need to adjust the heating time of the hot head according to different situations.

3. Abnormal noise occurs during work. There are many situations that can cause this problem, but the main reason is that the packaging machine has been used for a long time and the components inside are loose. Users only need to check the internal components of the machine and tighten them.

How's it going? After reading the above introduction, do you recall these behaviors before the packaging machine malfunctioned? In fact, mechanical equipment failures are better judged than human illnesses, after all, equipment does not deliberately conceal the condition. As long as we are careful enough, regularly inspect and maintain, we can prevent accidents before they occur!