The Influence of Air Source Pressure on the Opening Box Machine

08 Jun.2023

Users familiar with box opening machines know that compressed air is used in box opening machines, folding box sealing machines, corner edge sealing machines, and adaptive box sealing machines. For compressed air, the most important thing is its pressure, but the main factor that affects the equipment is the low pressure, followed by the quality and sustainability of compressed air. Today, Aixun will focus on introducing the impact of low air source pressure on box opening machines.

1. Unable to open the box normally. Previously, when we introduced the workflow of the unboxing machine, we also mentioned that the unboxing machine relies on vacuum suction cups to absorb cardboard boxes. If the air source is insufficient, the box will fall out, and the unboxing machine will not be able to open the box normally.

2. Unable to fold the cover. The Robotic arm of the capping and sealing machine is driven by the air source. If the air source power is insufficient, the Robotic arm will not work normally, so the capping and sealing machine cannot work normally.

3. Unable to perform box pushing work. The turning action of the corner sealing machine's cardboard box is controlled by the cylinder. If the pressure of the air source is insufficient, the cardboard box cannot be pushed into the corner sealing machine normally, and the sealing operation cannot be carried out.

In summary, the equipment used in conjunction with the unpacking and sealing machines should be within the normal range, neither too high nor too low, let alone fluctuating high or low. The same applies to other equipment, and only stable quality can ensure the normal operation of the equipment.