An important link in conveyor production - rust removal

08 Jun.2023

The production of any equipment has its own process flow, and conveyors are no exception. Broadly speaking, the general production process of conveyors is: drawing, machining, welding, polishing, rust removal, spraying, and assembly completion. Every aspect of this is crucial, only the rust removal process, which is often overlooked by users. They always believe that this process can be omitted or faster. Today, Aixun will focus on sharing with you the importance of the rust removal process.

1. Affects the effect after spray molding. The rust removal work is mainly for future spraying purposes. If the rust removal work is not done well, the sprayed products will have uneven surfaces, seriously affecting the aesthetics.

2. Affects the service life of the equipment. As mentioned earlier, rust removal not only affects the aesthetics of spraying, but also affects the service life of the equipment. In areas where rust removal is not good, the surface layer is very easy to fall off, and in areas where rust falls off, it is very easy to regenerate rust, thereby corroding the machine.

3. Affects the corporate image. Rust removal is actually just a small step in the product production process, but details determine success or failure. The quality of a product is entirely determined by the details of each product. If the details of the product are not well done, it will not only affect the quality of the product, but also damage the corporate image. The gains and losses are not worth the losses, and the production of drum conveyor lines is also the same.

From this, it can be seen that every step in the production process of the conveyor cannot be ignored or careless. As the saying goes, small losses can lead to large losses. Ignoring any detail may cause defects or defects in the finished product, thereby affecting its use.