Introduction to the reasons for dropping boxes from the carton erector

09 Jun.2023

Carton erector, is the process of using suction cups to absorb the mechanical folding bottom of the corrugated box to form and seal the tape. But many users in the debugging found that the box opener often drop boxes, what is the reason?

1, the air source pressure is not enough. Meet the carton erector using the air source pressure to reach 0.4-0.6Mpa, below this value is sure to drop the box situation.

2, the air source is not continuous enough. This problem is often confused with the previous problem, customers will always emphasize that my air source pressure enough ah. Pressure enough is only one of the aspects. The use of carton erector also requires the air source pressure to be continuous, to maintain the size of 0.4-0.6Mpa can, otherwise it will also be the case of falling boxes.

3, suction cup position is not correct. carton erector commissioning process is one of the most important work is to adjust the suction cup position, suction cups require all the suction in the front of the carton, can not be sucked in the folds of the carton, otherwise there will be dropped boxes.

      After the above introduction, many customers will feel that adjusting the carton erector is so difficult oh actually not so, the commissioning of the carton erector Yupack has a special video to explain, if you follow the video step by step operation, there will be no such problem.