How to choose high quality straps

09 Jun.2023

Strapping tape according to the different components can be divided into pure and recycled materials, but even if the material is pure, the quality of the strapping tape produced by each manufacturer will still have some differences, so how can you choose the quality of packing tape? Today YUPACK will give you a trick.
1, excellent quality straps will have flatness at both ends of the cut, which can improve the actual work efficiency, while from the perspective of protecting the machine, you should also choose the excellent quality of straps.
2、Advantageous straps tape longer meters per volume. The longer the number of meters of the same price, the better the quality of the straps, this is due to the good material of the straps determines its ductility, so the longer the number of meters of a single volume of straps, the better the quality.
3, the high quality of the straps winding pattern clear, dense, feel good, symmetrical and uniform. This is mainly due to the good material decision of the straps tape, any other material can not achieve such an effect.
In summary, to meet the 3 points of the straps, the quality should be very good, generally used in automatic strapping machine are no problem, if you have other questions about the Srapping machine or straps, welcome to call Qingdao YUPACK marketing center.