Side strapping machine purchase considerations

09 Jun.2023

Side strapping machine, refers to the bonding point in the side of the item strapping machine, the machine generally can not be used alone, must be used together with the conveyor, the previous article Yupack has introduced what kind of items suitable for the use of side bundle strapping machine, today Yupack and you share Today, Yupack will share with you the following considerations about the purchase of the side bundle strapping machine.

1, the frame can not stick to the ground. Side strapping machine frame from the ground is a height, this height is also a limit value, not that can be placed directly on the ground, the general value of 180mm.

2, the heavier items need to have a guide device. The so-called heavier items refers to the strapping machine when strapping, the strength of the straps can not pull the items, such items we call heavier items, such items in the packing can not be close to the strapping machine table, so after the strapping is completed The straps will be loose, so you need a guide device, both before the items into the strapping machine to let the items against the side of the strapping machine table, so that the solution.

3, the shorter items can not be bundled. What is the shorter items? How to define it? Why should be defined in this way? This is because the side strapping machine bonding point is located 600mm high from the ground, so if the goods are below this point is not strapping, unless the user makes the conveyor table very high, but then the frame must be made high again, so it is not very feasible.

     Warm tip: side bundle strapping machine is a special strapping equipment, so its purchase notes do not apply to other strapping machines and strapping equipment.