What is the reason why the carton erector can't suck the carton properly

09 Jun.2023

In the process of using the carton erector, there will inevitably be some small problems, can not be normal suction box is one of them, today Yupack based on past work experience and share with you what is the reason why the carton erector can not be normal suction box and how to solve.

1、The air source is not sufficient. carton erector has certain requirements for the air source, the pressure of the air source should reach 0.4-0.6MPa, at the same time to ensure the adequacy of the air source, the air pipe is too long or the diameter of the pipe is too thin may cause the opening machine can not open the box normally.

2, vacuum suction cup position adjustment is not in place. Vacuum suction cups in absorbing the carton should absorb the large side of the carton, while the vacuum suction cups to have enough space to adsorb the carton, if the suction cups sucked in the carton folding cover, then no matter how it is unable to open the box normally.

3, the carton is too small, the delivery box is not in place. This situation is not very common, but it does exist. When the carton size is on the limit size of the carton erector, then even if the whole hopper bin is full, the gravity is still not enough. carton erector can't send the carton inside the hopper bin to the designated opening position smoothly, which will cause the carton erector can't suck the carton normally.

       Many problems of carton erector are actually mostly related to carton and air source, you can keep following the official website: We will keep updating you about the related knowledge of automatic packaging equipment.