Belt conveyor purchase three elements

09 Jun.2023

Belt line, also known as belt conveyor line or belt conveyor, is widely used in the field of conveying, mostly for food, pharmaceuticals and other fields. For the first time to buy belt machine users, in addition to the size, and do not know what else to start from, the following Axiomtek listed the three elements of the belt line purchase for your reference.

 1, speed. Generally speaking, speed is divided into two types, one is a fixed speed, one is the frequency control speed. Fixed speed, as the name implies, is always a speed, that is, the speed is not adjustable, and frequency control is through the frequency converter to adjust the speed of the way called frequency control.

   2, the body material. Generally speaking, the material is basically made according to customer requirements, so there is not much of a problem, the user only needs to determine according to their own use requirements.

   3, the belt material. This one is the most important indicator when buying a belt line, especially for food enterprises, is the choice of general conveyor belt, or choose food-grade rubber, which will have a very big impact on the cost of the belt line, of course, for the user's food safety is also very important.

       The above is Yupack based on past work experience for you to summarize the three elements of the belt line purchase, in future articles, Yupack will continue to share the common failures of the belt line, maintenance methods and use of precautions and other content, welcome your continued attention!