What are the routine checks of the conveyor

09 Jun.2023

Conveyor is a relatively low failure rate of a conveying equipment, it is the reason for the low failure rate, on the one hand, because of its simple mechanical structure, on the other hand, because the maintenance is also relatively simple, many users can do, then today Axiomtek is going to share with you is that the regular inspection and maintenance of the conveyor line specific to what work to do?

1, check whether there is loose. Chain plate line in operation after a period of time, there may be some signs of loosening, such as the screws of the chain plate, the rack of fixed screws, etc., these problems can be seen with the naked eye, so you only need to observe with the naked eye before starting the machine.

2、Gently knocking to listen to the sound. We all know that the railroad maintenance staff in the maintenance of railroads and trains will use a hammer to knock on the body and tracks, through the sound to determine whether the train or tracks have problems. The same reasoning applies to the chain conveyor line, the user only needs to gently tap some parts of the body to judge whether the machine has hidden problems by the sound.

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