Common misconceptions about the use of conveyors

09 Jun.2023

Conveyor, also known as assembly line, is the main mechanical equipment that plays a role in transporting goods and linking various production equipment in the automated production process. But in the process of use, many users for the use of conveyor there are certain misunderstandings, resulting in frequent equipment failures, the following Axiomtek has been in the use of conveyor process of common misunderstandings and you do the following to share: 1, conveyor equipment does not require maintenance:

1, conveyor equipment does not require maintenance. This is a very wrong approach, although the conveyor equipment does not need regular refueling and maintenance like other mechanical equipment, but still need to do some simple maintenance work, such as dust removal work.

2, roller line can carry heavy goods. In contrast, the roller line is able to carry heavier goods, but this carrying limit is also limited, the user can not be uncontrolled unlimited increase, which causes great pressure on the roller, greatly shortening the life of the roller line.

3, the belt line can convey food. Belt line can indeed transport food, but for the food scattered on the belt line must have strict requirements, the belt must be food-grade, ordinary belt must not be used to transport food, the consequences of this misunderstanding will be very serious.

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