Common fault analysis of slat chain conveyor

09 Jun.2023

slat chain conveyor, is one of the automatic conveyor line, it is known for its smooth conveying characteristics, although the use of slat chain conveyor is very simple, but also to avoid some problems, the common problems are mainly two points, awareness of the chain plate rotation is not flat, the second is the gear jump teeth. The following Yupack will address these two issues, respectively, and you share the causes of failure and solutions.

1、The chain plate rotation is not flat. The chain plate rotation is not smooth is slat chain conveyor in the commissioning process is prone to one of the problems, but this problem is not difficult, mainly because the chain is not tensioned, just need to tighten the chain some more can be a good solution to the problem.

2、Gear jumping. If the gears jump teeth, the two sides of the shaft will not rotate synchronously, and the shaft will be pulled off after a long time, and the main reason of jumping teeth is that the gears do not meet the specification, so you can re-process the gears.

      After the above introduction, you are not already know the common failures of the slat chain conveyor? If you have other questions about slat chain conveyor, welcome to call Qingdao Yupack Marketing Center, we will be happy to serve you!