Three easy steps to overhaul conveyor

09 Jun.2023

You can easily handle the overhaul of the conveyor in three steps, do you believe it? In fact, conveyor overhaul is not very complicated, if we can divide the overhaul work well, things will become simple. The following YUPACK will share with you how to easily overhaul the conveyor in three steps.

1、The overhaul of the circuit. Circuit overhaul is one of the most complex and difficult to deal with in all troubleshooting. But say it is complex it is complex, say it is simple, it is also very simple. Just need the user to take a multimeter to measure a few major technical indicators, as long as these do not have problems, then you can completely rule out circuit problems.

2, gas circuit overhaul. General air circuit maintenance is relatively simple, as long as the air compressor is not bad, then the problem may arise in so many places, the filter, cylinder. Generally, the problem often occurs is the filter, because there are more impurities in the air, the filter will be clogged after a long time.

3, routine inspection. The so-called routine check is to check whether the screws and other loose, if the roller line to check whether the rollers are bent, deformation, belt line to check whether the belt has runaway phenomenon.

      The above is Axiomtek's summary of three easy steps to overhaul the conveyor, how is it very simple? If you have other questions about conveyor, welcome to call YUPACK marketing center, we will be happy to serve you!