Notes on the use of roller conveyor

09 Jun.2023

Roller conveyors, which are mainly used for conveying in automated packaging lines, are divided into two types: carton roller conveyors and pallet roller conveyors. But no matter what kind of conveyor, you need to pay attention to some matters when using it, the following Yupack will introduce you the precautions for using roller conveyor.

1、The problem of electricity safety. Electricity is a very important issue when using the equipment, but often ignored by the user, some simple equipment users often do not use a special electrician to connect electricity, but who is convenient to connect electricity, which is very dangerous, once the problem caused by the impact will also be very serious, especially in conjunction with the baler and other equipment, a little bit of equipment problems, the whole production line will be related to the safety of the matter.

2, the operator's safety matters. This problem especially in the summer, the weather is hot, the operator will be barefoot or not according to the requirements of the operating specifications to wear the appropriate operating clothes work, which will leave a very serious security risks, will cause very serious personal impact on the operator should be.

3, not the standard operating procedures. Many operating procedures may be very simple, but very cumbersome, the user in the use of the process will be to reduce the trouble and not to operate in accordance with the operating procedures, if the problem occurs, this will also be very serious.  

      The above Yupack mainly from the safety point of view and you share the roller conveyor use precautions, enterprise production, safety is no small matter, only always tighten the string of safety, the enterprise can be evergreen.