What are the factors that determine the load-bearing capacity of the roller line

09 Jun.2023

Roller line, also known as roller conveyor or roller line, is a carton product conveying equipment commonly used to convey. When it comes to roller line, we have to talk about its load-bearing problem, because one of the most important elements of the purchase of roller line is to solve the problem of load-bearing, so for roller line, what are the factors that determine the load-bearing roller conveyor?

1, the diameter of the rollers. This is undoubtedly, is also obvious, whether professional or not can be seen, the thicker roller load-bearing effect is certainly better than the finer load-bearing effect. Common rollers have 38, 50, 60, 75 several models.

2、Wall thickness. Wall thickness refers to the thickness of the roller wall, this thickness also affects the roller load-bearing to a certain extent, if the wall is too thin, then when conveying items will be flattened or deformed, this is the impact of wall thickness for the roller line.

3、Shaft diameter. Shaft diameter is also a more important factor affecting the roller load bearing, the shaft is thin will be bent, thus affecting the roller conveying effect, the general common shaft diameter of 1.5, 2mm.

    After understanding the above information, you should have a clear idea of the weight bearing of the roller line, followed by solving the length, width and height problems, you can choose the right roller conveyor.