How to do when the fully automatic strapping machine cannot detect the goods?

09 Jun.2023

Automatic strapping machine, also known as unmanned strapping or unmanned banding machine, refers to the equipment that does not require manual intervention in the process of work, and the machine can automatically detect, automatically transport and automatically pack. But recently, some customers have reported that the baler can not detect the goods by itself. Why is that?

1, the electronic eye sensor is too weak. The degree of induction of the electronic eye can be adjusted, from weak to strong, if the user uses the above problems, you can increase the induction intensity of the electronic eye, so that the corresponding problem can be solved.

2. Strapping items are less transparent or reflective. At present, the strapping machine on the market mostly uses photoelectric detection items, which requires strapping items to refract light. If the items are transparent or have poor luminosity, the electronic eye will not be able to detect the items.

3, the working environment is too dusty. This situation is often ignored by customers, and according to Yupack's previous experience, this problem often occurs in workshops producing powdery items, where the photoelectric surface is attached to too much dust to detect the item. This situation is actually relatively easy to deal with, only need to wipe the photoelectric clean.

As always mentioned, no matter which of the above situations occurs, it will affect the use of the equipment, so Yupack recommends that you should maintain regularly during the use of the process to avoid the use of the equipment.以上翻译结果来自有道神经网络翻译(YNMT)· 通用场景