Notes on Pallet wrapping machine

25 Jun.2023

It is important to know the basics of pallet wrapping machine and the safety operation rules before installing and operating it, so as not to make mistakes and cause losses due to lack of knowledge. In fact, whether pallet wrapping machine or online pallet wrapping machine or arm rotate wrapping machine and robot wrapping machine wrapping goods are the same principle, many operations are also similar. The following is a summary of the general matters that need attention for your reference.

      1. It is forbidden to test the voltage between the DC motor control board, and the PLC input point and the ground.

      2. Be sure to read the manual of the inverter before operating the inverter.

      3. Check regularly whether each connection part of the machine is moving or falling off during normal use of the pallet wrapping machine, and make sure to tighten it if there is.

      4. It is strictly forbidden to move or remove the upper and lower fixed limit blocks.

      5. The machine turntable should run in clockwise direction.

      6. It is strictly forbidden to stand or stack any object under the film system.

      7. It is strictly forbidden to reach inward or into other objects when the film system is rotating to prevent damage to the rubber rollers or fingers.

      8. It is strictly forbidden to put hands into the vicinity of the chain for maintenance or inspection or other operations during operation to prevent injury to hands.

      9. When pallet wrapping machine is running, the operator should stand in a safe place at a certain distance from the turntable, and then approach the machine when the working process is finished to prevent the goods from being scattered and injured.

      10. The machine should be firmly grounded or connected to zero (zero ground should not be mixed) to prevent leakage of electricity from damaging the machine or personnel.

      11. pallet wrapping machine moved away from its original location should be reinstalled and tested by professionals, and determine the safety of the machine before use.

      12. Regularly check the electrical and electrical connection and clean the electrical cabinet.