What are the reasons why the wrapping machine film fcarriage does not send film

25 Jun.2023

Pallet wrapping machine is also commonly known as the wrapping packaging machine, which plays a very important role in the protection of pallet goods packaging for wrapping film pallets to play a certain role of waterproof moisture and dust.

      In our use of pallet wrapping machine may encounter film carriage does not send film, I summarized the following points for your quick analysis and judgment to deal with the problem.

      The first situation may be that the DC motor power supply is not connected properly, there will be no film delivery situation, this time to repair the wiring situation can be;

      the second situation is that the motor may be burned after the overhaul, this situation will have to replace the motor;

      the third case can be checked on the DC speed control box, if damaged to replace;

      The fourth situation to check the speed control box insurance, if damaged can also be replaced.

      The above is the analysis of the situation encountered and the need to check the film delivery, if there are other failures can refer to the pallet wrapping machine manual, you can also call YUPACK for consultation.