The working principle of pallet dispensor

16 Mar.2024

Pallet dispensor is known as tray dispenser or tray splitter, etc., the main function is to realize the supply of trays to the automated packaging line, the entire line is generally controlled by the PLC, when the workstation needs an empty tray, the machine will give a signal to the stacker, the stacker will be allocated to a tray out to the need for the workstation,The working steps are as follows:

1、Place the same specification pallet with neat appearance into the pallet storage place. Here the stack board storage is the material warehouse for the stack machine, the material warehouse generally have two directions, the direction of feeding and discharging direction, these two directions are actually optional, the user only need to put forward in the production can be, generally do not charge a fee.

2、The pallet separating mechanism hooks the second pallet of the lower level to rise and detach from the first pallet of the lower level;

3、The roller conveyor starts to convey the separated pallet board to the next station; here we need to remind you that if the site allows, it is recommended that you add one more cached station, so that you can effectively improve the efficiency of work and avoid waiting.

4、After the pallet at the supply stack completely leaves the workstation, the lifting mechanism hooks the pallet to descend to the conveying line again;

5、The fork opens and rises to the center position, and hooks the lower second stack board again to separate from the first stack board;

6, so repeatedly, until all pallet disassembly is completed, the device stops running and beeps to issue a warning to remind to increase the pallet. Can also be set to countdown 2 or 3 pallets when the start of the alarm to remind the operator to increase the pallet.

      How is it? Is not very simple, here customers often ask a question, that is, whether the stacker can be combined with the function of the set of stacks. Theoretically, it can be, but it needs some modification on control and production, which is relatively complicated. If you do have such a need, you can contact Qingdao Axiomtek Marketing Center, we will provide you with exclusive customized solutions!