How to use straps correctly

14 Dec.2023

Straps are the most commonly used consumables for strapping machines, but many people do not know how to choose and use straps correctly during use. Straps often do not match the strapping machine. This situation is very detrimental to the use of strapping machines. Today Yupack will share with you how to use straps correctly based on past experience.

1. When using straps, you must first leave the interface length. Straps manufacturers recommend that when cutting straps, cut within 5cm of the packaging buckle edge. When using recycled old straps, you should first remove the old straps before use.

2. The use of packing buckles will also affect the strength of the packaging. When packaging the finished product, try to place the packing buckle within 20CM of the tape tail. The same strap cannot be used with packing buckles multiple times. Straps manufacturers recommend no more than three buckles.

3. When the strapping machine stops working every day, the straps should be returned to the straps holder to prevent the straps from being bent in the strap storage box for too long and affecting the packaging quality.

      To sum up, the use of straps must be adapted to the matching model or usage conditions, and must not be followed blindly.