Advantages and disadvantages of wrapping and strapping machine

07 Aug.2023

1. Economic advantages. The economic advantage is unquestionable. This equipment can realize both wrapping and well-type strapping. Compared with buying online wrapping machine and pallet vertical strapping machine, the price is indeed very advantageous.

2. Site advantage. Since the Wrapping and stapping combined machine is a compact structure, it occupies a relatively small area. Compared with the in-line packaging method, the advantage of this type of machine is obvious.

3. The limitations of packaging products. After talking about the advantages, we have to talk about the disadvantages. Due to its own structure, the Wrapping and stamping combined machine cannot be compatible with very large spans. Either strapping cannot be realized, or the effect of the strapping is not ideal, so , if the difference between length and width is relatively large, you must choose an online Wrapping and stamping combined machine

4. The limitation of efficiency. Yupack has always emphasized that this is an economical solution, so the natural efficiency will be relatively low. After all, it takes time for a machine to realize the two packaging processes, so if the user has higher requirements for output If so, it is recommended to choose Wrapping and stamping combined machine

       To sum up, although Wrapping and stamping combined machine is very practical, it is not suitable for all users. It is still necessary to choose according to each product and the actual production situation of the factory, and do not follow blindly.